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General view - Expo Vancouver 1986

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The Red Zone consists of two parts: the Red Zone itself at False Creek and the Canada Pavilion on the shores of Burrard Cove. The Sky-Train takes you from one location to the other in four minutes at no charge.

The entire Red Zone is full of attractions. At the northwestern end of the False Creek site stands the huge white crescent of the Ontario pavilion, where exhibits highlight Ontario's history, technology and talents.

Opposite, the exteriors of three national pavilions reflect the uniqueness of the countries represented. Senegal's blue pavilion is decorated with motifs typical of Senegalese architecture; Pakistan's pavilion recreates the liveliness of a bazaar; and Kenya's zebra-coloured exterior evokes the richness of its wilderness.

A dove with open wings, a universal symbol of peace, surmounts the entrance to the Hope pavilion.

The itinerary then includes a visit to the Yugoslavia and Romania pavilions where you can sample the culture of these two fascinating Eastern European countries.

Nearby, the Japan pavilion offers an opportunity to experience the advances in transport on board Japan's new HSST electromagnetically levitated high-speed train. To the south of the Japan pavilion and in the heart of the Red Zone is the Earth Square, where a cheerful hustle and bustle of vehicles of all kinds causes an international traffic jam. The sculpture HIGHWAY 86, which stretches from north to south along the edge of Earth Square, is a humorous interpretation of the theme of transportation. This world-class sculpture features more than two hundred vehicles and other modes of transport.

Across from Earth Place, on the banks of False Creek, is the Canadian National pavilion with its woven metal roof.

Next to it is the Australian pavilion and across the square to the north is the Saskatchewan pavilion, which at ten stories tall looks like a futuristic grain silo.

Further north is the Canada Gateway, recognisable by its giant ornaments: Canadian flag, stick and hockey puck. From this gate, flanked by the Scream Machine and Looping Starship rides, the SkyTrain leaves for the Canada Pavilion on Burrard Cove. The Canada Gateway Monorail station is directly across from the SkyTrain stop.

The Red Zone is also served by the Canadian Pacific Airlines East Cable Car, which connects to the Purple Zone and has a station at the northeast end of the Red Zone near the Hope Pavilion.

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