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General view - Expo Vancouver 1986

General view at the Exhibition Expo Vancouver 1986
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Located to the west of the Red Zone, the Blue Zone offers visitors an exciting array of activities. The centre of night-time entertainment on the site, this zone invites night owls to come and experience Expo by night.

Every night, the biggest stars of the entertainment world appear on the bill. In False Creek, in front of the "Place des Noctambules", superb fireworks, launched from barges, inaugurate the late night activities.

The Stadium Gate, one of the four gates of Expo, opens onto the Place des Nations, overlooked by the British Columbia pavilion. In the square, Expo Ernie welcomes visitors. Outside the Stadium Gate is the B.C. Place Stadium where the Opening Ceremony took place on May 2. Various trade shows and exhibitions are also held here.

The B.C. Pavilion is the focal point of the Blue Zone and is already part of the B.C. heritage.

The Challenge B.C. and Showcase B.C. buildings of the BC Pavilion flank the Place des Nations. Theatre, musicals, food, dance and cabaret are the late night menu at Showcase B.C.

The nerve centre of Expo, these two buildings house the offices of the Commissioner General, the President and the Operations and Entertainment Division. In addition, the International Media Centre in the Challenge B.C. building provides comprehensive facilities for the many journalists.

Discovery B.C. is the third building in the host province pavilion and is an imposing glass and steel structure. Along its front, boats from the British Columbia coast are moored.

The multicoloured flags of the participating countries adorn the perimeter of the Place des Nations, where concerts and fairground shows take place. National and special days honour the participants, and regional BC Weeks highlight the culture of the province.

The Monorail runs over the square and stops at the Stadium Gate Station.

Near the water, the Philadelphia Toboggan Company's Carousel is one of five rides at EXP0 86. Built in 1907, it offers a nostalgic ride on its old carved wooden horses.

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