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The Yellow Zone offers many attractions. It is accessed through the West Gate, located near the intersection of Pacific Boulevard and Drake Street.

In the West Gate Plaza stands the Rowingbridge theme sculpture. Across the street, near the dock, the Xerox International Theatre presents music and dance performances from around the world.

Near the theatre are the British Columbia Television pavilion, the Telecom Canada pavilion, recognizable by its cylindrical roof that houses the 360 circular screen cinema, and the Republic of Korea pavilion with its traditional entrance.

To the north of these pavilions, thrills await you on the Cariboo Log Chute, Space Tower and Observatron rides.

On the other side of the rides, the Kodak Pacific Bowl forms the nucleus of a series of themed facilities: to the north, the stables and training grounds of the R.C.M.P.; to the south, the heliport, the Old Salts shipyard and a pool used for diving demonstrations.

The strikingly beautiful Ramses II Great Hall catches the eye. Inspired by one of the monumental temples of Rameses II, the pavilion takes the visitor on a journey of discovery through the life of the pharaoh.

Next to the Great Hall of Ramses II, the Spirit Catcher sculpture seems to take flight. On the water, you can see the floating snack bar of the exhibition.

On the way back east, visitors can relax at the Munich Festhaus, an authentic Bavarian beer hall.

Inside the Malaysian pavilion, visitors will be immediately struck by the natural beauty of this country.

Nearby, at the water's edge, the pavilions of California, Oregon and Washington surround the First US Interstate Court. Nearby, the United States pavilion completes the American constellation. This pavilion focuses on the theme of space exploration and its implications for humanity.

A walkway along the waterfront leads to the pavilions of the Ivory Coast and Cuba. At the southernmost end of the Yellow Zone is the General Motors pavilion.

The Air Canada West cable car connects the southeast of the Yellow Zone to the northeast of the Green Zone. The ferry dock is between Munich Festhaus and the California pavilion, and the Space Tower Monorail Station is between the Republic of Korea pavilion and the California pavilion.

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