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Argentina - Expo Ghent 1913

Argentina at the Exhibition Expo Ghent 1913

The participation of the Argentine Republic was in fact the work of the Argentine Social Museum, that is to say, a documentation exhibition. By its size, by the fertility of its soil, by its natural wealth, the Argentine Republic can aim at high destinies; its government favours the creation and development of social institutions, likely to raise the physical and moral level of the populations. This seems to have been the theme of the section, which was primarily a documentation exhibition.

The Argentine Section was set up in front of the Avenue de Liège. There were documents of all kinds, statistics, diagrams, graphs, maps, books and brochures.

All of these documents formed a synthesis of the Argentine social organisation and gave an idea of the importance of the country's resources, distributed in groups according to the general classification of the Exhibition and in a methodical arrangement so as to interest the public and make it easy for the scholar to research.

A large map dominating the entrance hall gave the visitor an idea of the extent and situation of the country; numerous photographs, grouped together in a special compartment, showed the cities, as well as the marvellous economic equipment of the Argentine ports.

Other documents related to education, social economy, hygiene, the army and sports; it appeared that in all these fields the Argentine Republic is worthy of being cited as an example.

This exhibition, the work of the Argentine Social Museum, was carried out in a relatively short time by the directors of this remarkable institution, Professor Tomas Amades, Huge, R., Iannini, Gustave Niederlein, Désiré Bernier, who were the general commissioner, the executive commissioner and the delegates of their governments in Ghent.

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