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California - Expo Ghent 1913

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The Californian section occupied an area of about five hundred square metres in the International Hall, near the main entrance. It had been organised by a special committee, which included, as Commissioner, Mr. Robert Newton Lynch, Vice President and Director of the Standing Committee on Exhibitions and Propaganda in San Francisco, the California Development Board, and as Deputy Commissioners, Mr. Francis Hoppe, Secretary of the California Development Board, and Mr. Paul Oeker, Delegate of the United States Press Associations.

The organisers of the Section had endeavoured to demonstrate in a very practical way that California is something other than the land of gold, dear to the tales of adventure; they showed it as a producer of the most beautiful species of sought-after fruits, as an agricultural country and as a forest country; ornamental friezes showed the Californian countryside in its different aspects; finally, samples of the wood and bark of the sequoia gigantea - which reaches 125 metres in height there - gave an idea of the species of the forests.

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