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Japan - Expo Ghent 1913

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Japan, whose participation in our great exhibitions had extended the trade with our country, could not ignore the great World's Fair of Ghent. Senator Halot, one of the most distinguished and sympathetic personalities in the world of our exhibitions, took charge in Ghent of the organisation of the country's section, of which he is the devoted and active imperial consul. Thanks to his care and initiative, the Japanese section occupied a space of more than one thousand square metres in the international hall.

In a very Japanese decoration, light stands were set up where, to the great joy of lovers of exoticism, Japanese men and women presented to visitors the objects entrusted to their care. One could admire embroidery, porcelain, bronzes, lacquerware, ivories, antique pieces and artificial flowers.

Your Belgo-Japanese Study Society, created to facilitate and extend relations between the two countries, had exhibited in this section a host of documents which proved the care and solicitude it brings to the difficult but so useful mission it has assigned itself.

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