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Romania is still one of those countries whose participation in our World's Fairs we are used to expect.

An agricultural country and one of the principal producers of oil in Europe, still remarkable for the original art of its indigenous objects, possessing in addition renowned intellectual centres, it has everything to impose itself on the attention of the public visiting our exhibitions.

It would certainly have participated in the Ghent Exhibition in a grandiose way, if the Balkan wars had not impeded it.
Nevertheless, the Romanian Permanent Committee for the participation in foreign exhibitions wanted Romania to take its place among the great countries that appeared in Ghent. The distinguished and devoted delegate of the Romanian Committee, Mr. Charles V. Correni, whom more than thirty years of experience has made a master in this field, created an attractive and original section in Ghent.

In a frame decorated with national art motifs, this section grouped together elegant showcases where beautiful Romanian embroideries were the main feature. In addition, busts of elegant women and a mannequin representing a Romanian peasant woman in her picturesque attire revealed the graceful use that fashion can and does make of embroidery.

©Livre d'Or de l'Exposition Universelle & Internationale de Gand 1913