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English Indies - Expo Ghent 1913

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The English Indies were represented in Ghent by the pretty India pavilion, situated at the entrance to the Avenue des Nations, almost at its outlet into the Avenue du Belvédère. Burnt down at the beginning of the Exhibition, it was rebuilt with astonishing speed, and it can be said that this unfortunate fact had only one consequence for it: that of seeing the influx of visitors increase.

Its distinguished curator-owner was Mr. F. J. Bhumgara, whose houses are in London and in India, in Bombay, Madras, Kasmira and Amristar.

The pavilion displayed hand-woven carpets and rugs from the Kashemire district, superb in design and colour, hand-painted curtains from models copied from ancient temples and tombs, admirable curtains in exquisite hues, embroideries in cloth, plush, satin, executed in Madras and Agra. Some of them, in silk and gold with oriental designs of great originality, were truly remarkable.

The admiration of the visitors was still attached to the screens carved in teak wood, tables carved in rosewood with very fine inlays, and finally boxes carved in sandalwood, inlaid with silver and decorated with filigree carved ivory.

This interesting and charming pavilion will certainly have contributed to making known the marvellous indigenous works accomplished in India, but whose art and interest we do not yet know.

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