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Gallery of Honour - Expo Ghent 1913

Gallery of Honour at the Exhibition Expo Ghent 1913

The main gallery of the English Section housed furniture, ceramics, and various elements of home and public building decoration.

Most of the furniture was a copy of antique models from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries; the most interesting came from the workshops of Gill and Reigate (the Soho galleries), Waring and Gillow, White Allom and C°, all important firms in London.

Many of these types were very characteristic and interesting to study, including a carved and gilded sofa with rich tapestry based on a seventeenth century specimen in Holyrood Castle; a winged armchair with English petit point tapestry (Queen Anne period); a late seventeenth century walnut stool covered with black brocade; a small carved and gilded walnut stool, a copy of the original (1678) belonging to the Duke of Devonshire; a carved walnut seat with a high back, reproducing a model of the William III and Queen Mary period; a copy of a walnut armchair partially gilded and upholstered in pinkish mauve velvet, of the same period; tables copied from models dating from the beginning of the 18th century; a sideboard, table and armchair of the type known as Chippendale, named after the famous English cabinetmaker of this name, etc.

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