World and International Exhibition of Ghent 1913

Peace, Industry and Art

April 26, 1913 - November 3, 1913

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French Food Palace

French Food Palace at the Exhibition Expo Ghent 1913

Side by side, along the Avenue des Nations, opposite the largest block of French halls, were the French Palais de l'Alimentation and the Palais de la Marine marchande.

The French food industry is world famous. The wines of France, the countless tasty products of all its regions, have for too long been at the very basis of the culinary art to need emphasis. Belgium, in particular, appreciates them too highly to insist on the merits of Champagne, Burgundy, Bordeaux, fine liqueurs, preserves, etc.; experience is better than any description.

The food group had provided a significant participation in Ghent. It included the principal French firms accustomed, since the Liège Exhibition of 1905, to giving the Belgian World's Fair their most eager and broadest support.

All classes of solid foods formed a group with choice products displayed in the luxury showcases. The general decoration consisted of draperies with friezes whose designs were appropriate to the nature of the foodstuffs.

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