World and International Exhibition of Ghent 1913

Peace, Industry and Art

April 26, 1913 - November 3, 1913

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Palace of the City of Antwerp

Palace of the City of Antwerp at the Exhibition Ghent 1913

Antwerp reproduced the tower of the Hanseatic League trading post, dating from 1564 and burnt down in 1893, the work of Corneille De Vriendt; the neighbouring gables were characteristic specimens of Antwerp's civil architecture of the 16th (gable of a wooden house in the Rue du Sac and the facade of the Merciers' guild house) and 17th centuries (House of the Four Winds and the facade of the former guild house of the tanners and shoemakers in the Grand' Place). The interior was perfectly laid out and highlighted the maritime services and commercial organisations of the Belgian metropolis.

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