International exhibition of large-scale industry, science and applications, old Walloon art in Liege 1930

May 3, 1930 - November 3, 1930

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Electricity at the Exhibition Expo Liege 1930

Architect(s) : Louis Pée

In the very rich setting of the Albert I esplanade, this palace, with its splendid decoration, is of majestic beauty. The gallery is occupied by beautiful installations.

In the evening, the façade is wonderfully illuminated. The ground floor is occupied for the most part by electrical appliances and motors of all purposes and powers.

The right-hand side is reserved for the exhibition of the country's universities, conservatories and music. In the right-hand corner, the participation of Uruguay.

On the left-hand side, particular expeditions from China and Sweden (note the section on the activities of the Walloons in Scandinavia).

The gallery presents the Belgian departments of Science and Arts, Public Works, Post Office, Justice, and documentation relating to factories.

On the left-hand side, the exhibition of Greece.

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