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French Section - Expo Liege 1930

French Section at the Exhibition Expo Liege 1930
Architect(s) : Louis Pée

The French participation is the most important among the foreigners.

It consists first of all of a vast and rich palace, surrounded by beautiful plantations, and offering inside an exhibition of exceptional interest, relating to the sciences and the arts (collections coming from the national museums), to technical education, to industry and to commerce. Then the Paris pavilion, an exquisite reproduction of the Bagatelle estate, in the midst of splendid gardens; the interior rooms present all the major public services of the French capital (police, fire brigade, hygiene, hospitals, roads, sewers, etc.), its educational establishments and the wonders of Parisian fashion.

Finally, there is a restaurant where you can find the most famous food and wine of France. The French exhibition is also partly located in the right wing of the Glass Palace.

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