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Agricultural Section - Expo Liege 1930

Agricultural Section at the Exhibition Expo Liege 1930

It is presented in particular in the animated form of an agricultural village whose buildings are scattered under the foliage of the Parc de la Boverie.

This demonstrative exhibition is an evocation of rural life in the latest improvements achieved by science, cooperation and education. These demonstrations are complemented by permanent events.

Forestry Pavilion
The forestry pavilion is, of course, of forestry design. The products and industries of forestry, hunting and fishing are on display. The whole is picturesque and attractive.

Palace of Agricultural Mechanics
The most advanced machines of agricultural mechanics are displayed here, as well as documentation on agricultural education and breeding.

The Big Farm.
It is a rural building, with a main building and two wings containing stables, barns, workshops, etc. Around it are the vegetable gardens and flower beds. Demonstrations of home economics, animal husbandry, beekeeping, etc. are given in these different rooms. Opposite, the model forge, where practical lessons are given by the staff of the Farriery School.
The Petite Ferme or Expandable Farm was designed and built by the Fermomex company. It contains model furniture and equipment.
The Maison Communale, a stylish building, is occupied by the exhibition of the Ministry of Agriculture.
The pavilion of the Belgian Professional Agricultural Unions contains an office that handles current banking operations and provides information to visitors.
Congresses, Competitions and Exhibitions. About fifteen events are organised in this field of agriculture, zootechnics, breeding, floriculture, etc.

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