International Colonial Exhibition of Paris 1931

May 6, 1931 - November 15, 1931

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Protestant Missions

Protestant Missions at the Exhibition Paris 1931

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Architect(s) : Chauquet

Their Pavilion was built by the Fédération Protestante de France, with the help of the Société des Missions évangéliques, established in Paris in 1822 and which is the central body of all the French Protestant Missions.

Ten stands offer you details of the work of the Evangelical Missions, among very different peoples and very far from each other. Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, Senegal, the Ivory Coast, Dahomey, Madagascar, New Caledonia and Oceania, Tonkin and Cochinchina and, closer to home, Syria and Lebanon: such are the fields of their multi-faceted activity. And everywhere, the Missions maintain dispensaries, colleges, meeting rooms, temples, hospitals, medical study centres, industrial and agricultural schools, leprosy clinics and maternity wards. Everywhere the diseases of the human body, among which alcoholism, are hunted down.

After having taken over from the English Missions, the work of our Evangelical Missions has gone beyond the limits of the French colonies. We see them in South Africa, bold and prosperous.

Finally, everywhere these Missions create troops of scouts to whom are inculcated the same principles as to the Unionist scouts of the metropolis: worship of the will at the same time as that of the intelligence, development of loyalty and the spirit of service, fight against disease by sport, worship of personal dignity, Christian ideal entirely inspired by the Gospel.

When we know that the Tropic reaches the will more than the intelligence, we see that the whole work of the French Missions in the colonies is of human as well as national utility.

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