International Colonial Exhibition of Paris 1931

May 6, 1931 - November 15, 1931

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Colonial Press

Colonial Press at the Exhibition Paris 1931

© Ch. Manuel Frères

Architect(s) : Blanche

On the edge of the ring road of Lake Daumesnil, the Pavillon de la Presse Coloniale, topped by a slender tower in the Annamite style, provides the public with a collection of all the colonial periodicals.

The organisers of the Indochinese Exhibition in Vincennes wanted to associate in the most intimate way with this event the colonial journalists of France and of the Far East, who have always been good workers of an active propaganda in favour of the Second Metropole. It is to this desire that corresponds the creation of a Pavillon de la Presse Coloniale, which is the House of all the publicists whose work is devoted to the Overseas Possessions.

Built next to the Laos Pavilion and opposite that of the Commissariat, the Pavilion of the Colonial Press can claim to be similar to the latter in its architecture, which happily combines the lines of the Annamite style with the comfort requirements of modern construction. Topped by a slender tower reminiscent of one of those frail pagodons that can be seen emerging from a rice field in the land of the Pacified South, it comprises a two-storey building covering an area of about 80 m2, i.e. 8 m deep and 10 m wide. The ground floor is entirely reserved for the Syndicat de la Presse Coloniale, while the first floor houses the French and indigenous newspapers of Indochina. This building was designed by Mr. Blanche, the distinguished architect who presided over the delicate and remarkable reconstruction of the central group of Angkor.

Having an independent Pavilion in the very heart of the Indochinese Section, the members of the Colonial Press and the Indochinese Press thus have at their disposal a first-rate observation post and a meeting centre, which makes easier and lighter the beautiful task of propaganda which they pursue for the future of the greatest France.

©Livre D'Or - Exposition Coloniale Internationale - Paris 1931