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"OF-CO" milk - Expo Paris 1931

© G. L. Manuel Frères

OF-CO milk, coming exclusively from officially controlled farms, offers the maximum guarantee that can be given to the consumer.

The Official Control, organised by ministerial decision of 15 November 1927, and which alone allows milk to be sold under the name "MILK FROM OFFICIALLY CONTROLLED STABLES", is carried out under the responsibility of the Prefects and the Hygiene Councils, which authorise the stables likely to be approved.
The Departmental and local Veterinary Services periodically and unexpectedly inspect the cowsheds and the cows, supervise the feeding of the cattle, and admit only selected cows in perfect health, kept constantly in a state of absolute cleanliness, dehorned, washed and well cared for, allowing the milk to be put on sale only if it is harvested, treated and handled in the most meticulous conditions of asepticity and cleanliness.

The personnel in charge of the various handling operations, from production to delivery, are subject to periodic medical examinations, the inspectors only authorising the presence of workers presenting all the guarantees.

The milk must travel under the producer's stamp from the farm to the Dairy. This Dairy is placed under the permanent surveillance of agents of the Ministry of Agriculture.


The milk produced under this supervision is subjected, immediately after milking on the farms, to the action of cold, and never reaches a temperature higher than 90. As soon as they arrive at the Dairy, they are treated, either by further refrigeration or by low pasteurisation.

These milks are immediately placed in hermetically sealed, tamper-proof bottles that can only be used once.

milk from officially inspected stables offers first class guarantees, unknown until now.

The OF-CO Dairy, inaugurated on 29 December 1930 by the Minister of Agriculture, merited the following appreciation by Mr. Eugène Roux, Director of the Scientific Services of the Repression of Fraud:
"The official supervision of the stables is, in the present conditions, the maximum guarantee that can be given to the consumer. "

For the Colonies : OF-CO milk powder presents the same guarantees.

©Livre D'Or - Exposition Coloniale Internationale - Paris 1931