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Attraction Park at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1931

The Parc des Attractions, considered indispensable to any modern exhibition, is located behind the French colonies, between the Porte de Reuilly and the Palais d'Angkor. There is a Senegalese proverb which says: "No one is taught to fall into a well. It is enough to cross the hole; then, the rest is easy... "In the sense of seduction, I could not say it better here: "You just have to go through the door; then it's easy... "

The Daumesnil lake is crossed in all directions by colonial flotillas: African pirogues going offshore to fish for sea bream or going down the Niger, thin outrigger pirogues from the Indian and Pacific oceans, Asian sampans visiting the Malayan islands or transporting rice along the multiple and monotonous arroyos. Their comings and goings lead you to the islands of Reuilly and Bercy, where subtle and elegant distractions await you.

To these permanent spectacles are added daily festivals, of a splendour and originality worthy both of the progress of science and of the exotic art spread in the overseas territories. Natives of all races, coming by hundreds from the fertile tropics, wish to reveal to you the secrets and splendour of their daytime and nighttime celebrations. The games of Water and Light, Music, Literature and History, Aviation and the Army, will unite in memorable days to give you new sensations and new feelings.

These celebrations, whether they are Senegalese or Malagasy, Malay or Indochinese, or simply metropolitan, are marked by the highest taste. Together with the documents which enrich this International Colonial Exhibition on all sides, may they make you understand, dear Visitor, that your home has grown singularly, both in surface and in depth, in the field of free joy as well as in the field of work and progress.

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