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Luxury Industries - Expo Paris 1931

Luxury Industries at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1931
Architect(s) : Expert

To the right of the United States Pavilion and adjoining the Palace of the Netherlands, the Palace of Luxury and Miscellaneous Industries, situated in the middle of the park, is intended to highlight the refinement of taste in the industries of which France is so justly proud. The gardens along the western facade are decorated with the most beautiful products of ceramics and glassware.

The salon d'honneur, which is located at the entrance, was furnished by the group that includes the decoration and furniture of the houses. It gives access to the group that brings together the clothing accessory industries, and the yarn and fabric group, which are represented in such a way that the shimmer of cottons, wools, linens and silks harmonise to make them a joy to the eye.

Then move on to the two luxury groups par excellence: Haute Couture and Perfumes. Haute Couture must be doing significant business in North Africa and the Far East. But I know for a fact that in times of prosperity, the Blacks of Senegal are good customers for luxury perfumery, which they consume to a surprising degree.

These two groups are continued by the garment industry. The department stores show what French taste can put of finesse and even of personality in a conception of clothing which would appear at first sight too uniform.

Finally, a wing of the Palais, which has its own portico overlooking one of the entrances to the Exhibition, contains jewellery, goldsmith's and silversmith's work, ironwork and articles from Paris.

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