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Architect(s) : Lévêque

The sense of unity, so favourable to any expansion, so useful to any success, is precisely what marks the North African bloc. The three governments that make it up have understood this. Their palates are distinct and in conformity with the characters of the races living on their soil, but judiciously harmonised so as to give the idea of unity.

In the field of tourism - a social pleasure of which mankind has been deprived for too long - this unity is so justified that Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco have brought together in a single pavilion everything that can be related to transport and other tourist industries. There are no watertight partitions, no borders from Tunis to Marrakech; and it is rare that the tourist limits his journey to one of these three countries. Rather three than one: that is the programme.

Between the Algeria Pavilion and the lake, you will find in a spacious pavilion everything you need to plan your trip to North Africa.

First of all, there is a relief map on which are drawn, in miniature, the magnificent tourist itineraries that an electric arrangement allows you to make appear, at your convenience, luminous and precise. All around, there are pictures, views, models, dioramas, which will excite your curiosity and imagination. At the same time, information of all kinds will specify the object of your desires.

My opinion is that you should start in the East and end up on the Atlantic coast, in the Moroccan cities and the great medieval kasbas of the Atlas. Everywhere the hospitality is great. One is at home; but with that familiarity peculiar to North Africa, which does not exclude, at times, grandeur.

The hotels of the Compagnie Transatlantique have installed comfort even in the desert. And I wish refined tourists to occupy, in the right season, a flat in the Mamounia, in Marrakech, or the Dar-Jamaï, in Fez. My friends Tharaud have described magnificently the Arab gardens of North Africa, in which the play of light and water becomes a play of our mind and soul. The breaths of the desert, the winds coming down from the mountains or up from the Mediterranean accompany this change of scenery, which seems so far away and is so close that, for many French people, North Africa has become a habit.

But how many tourists, on the other hand, give up on a journey whose difficulties and expenses they exaggerate and who would undertake it with joy and enthusiasm if they knew in advance the time they would have to devote to it, if they knew who would welcome their requests for information and who would answer their questions!

Here you can choose the most convenient ways, the most advantageous means to satisfy your desire. To travel is to enlarge your life. The shortest life is that of the recluse; the longest is that of the traveller. To travel, it is only necessary to leave. To leave, you need an invitation to travel: here it is.

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