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Horticulture and Agriculture -

Horticulture and Agriculture at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1910

The Palace of Horticulture and Agriculture opened its doors on Friday 29 April with a temporary competition.

One could not dream of a more radiant, more dazzling, more moving exhibition. All the masterpieces of nature were there, presented and arranged with exquisite taste. Wonders of azaleas, miracles of lilacs, prodigies of rhododendrons, phenomena of splendour, colour and perfume surrounded the visitor.

Two hundred and fifty horticulturists had brought the most delicious and rare specimens. All the collections were presented with great originality and charming taste. About a hundred Frenchmen exhibited; there were a few Englishmen.

In addition to flowers, the Exhibition included "selected" vegetables, grapes, peaches, strawberries, etc.

A luncheon was held at 1 o'clock at the Exhibition for the members of the jury.

The Exhibition was followed by banquets, a congress and a visit from the King. And the temporary Exhibitions followed one another, all with the same success, until the closing.

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