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The Farmer - Expo Brussels 1910

The Farmer at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1910

The inauguration of the farmer's pavilion took place on Saturday 14 May in the afternoon.

The guests were received by the president of the executive committee, Mr. Maenhaut, deputy of Ghent, surrounded by the members of the committee, Mr. De Vuyst, the knight of Spirlet, Charles Clément, Staadt, Giele, etc.

Among the personalities who attended the ceremony were Mr. Beco, Governor of Brabant; Messrs. the Duke of Ursel; Storms, of the Commissariat-General; Cartuyvels, Director-General at the Ministry of Agriculture, Nerinckx, etc.

Those who conceived the idea of building this pretty pavilion intend to point out that by embellishing rural interiors, one will arouse "vocations" in women and the desire to devote themselves to farm work.

Some will undoubtedly find that the furnishings on display are rather out of keeping with their purpose and that, under a ministry that has no intention of introducing compulsory education and developing education in the countryside, desks as sophisticated as those shown here would be more appropriate for a minister than for a farmer or a woman farmer. It is to be hoped that the day will come when rural dwellings will be, like the pavilion just opened, embellished with trinkets and decked out like English cottages. Everything that could bring more comfort and beauty to the farm is gathered here, as well as everything that concerns - says the prospectus - the mission of the woman in agriculture.

In this pavilion, domestic schools exhibit their agricultural teaching methods; everything related to the farmer's diet, clothing, etc., has been assembled. All this is presented in a pleasant and tasteful way.

After the opening speech by Mr. Maenhaut, emphasizing the importance of the work undertaken, the visit of the pavilion began, whose stands show a remarkable concern for good taste and coquetry.

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