Guatemala - Expo Brussels 1910

Guatemala at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1910

Guatemala, an essentially agricultural country, had no other aim in taking part in the Exhibition than to make known the many resources that its relatively small and sparsely populated territory could provide. The diversity of the products it presented sufficiently demonstrated the advantages that a hardworking and intelligent immigration could find there. Its exceptional and varied climate, from its coasts bathed by the two oceans to the high plateaus of the Andes, allows for both tropical and temperate crops. The variety of its fruits will undoubtedly be, in the near future, one of the principal objects of export of the country and it will be the same of many other matters which, not having yet attracted the attention of the industrialist, did not undergo the transformations of which they are susceptible.

The medicinal flora of the country offers a vast field for the study and development of new industries.

Alongside the plant products, both forest and cultivated, were samples of the ores which its soil contains and whose extraction would give the operator profits. The outcrops of these deposits were marked on Dr. Sapper's geological map of Guatemala.

The Guatemalan Government made every effort to show, in its participation in the Brussels Exhibition, the main elements of the wealth of its soil.

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