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Nicaragua - Expo Brussels 1910

Nicaragua at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1910

The simple and attractive pavilion which housed the Nicaraguan products had been built in one of the most attractive parts of the Exhibition. It stood out, all white, against the green backdrop of the neighbouring forest, and the elaborate pediment of its pavilion façade was reflected in the picturesque pond of the Steens estate.

This pavilion was a faithful reproduction of a quinta, that is to say, a pleasure house such as the well-to-do inhabitants of Leon de Granada, Managua, Rivas or Masaya, the few towns scattered between the Atlantic and the Pacific, at the foot of the Cordillera, have in the countryside.

The quinta was surrounded by a terrace; climbing plants clung to the pillars, while on the ground various specimens of tropical flora flourished. For a few months, banana trees, fig trees, palm trees, cocoa trees, ficus trees, corn, sugar cane, agaves, laurel trees and bamboo were able to withstand the rigours of our gloomy climate.

While waiting to exploit the minerals that swell the sides of its mountains, Nicaragua can sustain its trade by supplying bananas and coconuts to the demanding markets of the whole world.

On the walls of this gallery, as inside the pavilion, numerous views of urban or rural sites, haciendas, i.e. farms, fincas, i.e. coffee plantations, ably documented the visitor. There was also a complete collection of postage stamps and postcards sent by a writer,. Mr. Lugo. The same concern for method and information was evident in the innumerable samples of the country's fauna, flora and products.

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