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Uruguay - Expo Brussels 1910

Uruguay at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1910

The Uruguayan pavilion was divided into five compartments. The first, at the entrance, was a large hall with warm tones and rare plants. A large marble plaque bore the following inscription in gold letters: "The purpose of this participation is to highlight the enviable geographical situation of the Republic of Uruguay. The fertility of its soil, the excellence of its climate, its immense sources of unexploited wealth, its production, its incessant progress. The freedom of its laws, the facilities which are offered to the honest and industrious emigrant to form a very enviable situation in a relatively short time. "

To the visitor's right was the Section's hall of honour, all hung in red and white and decorated with some beautiful paintings by Uruguayan artists. From the hall of honour one entered the vast compartment reserved for industrial products of all kinds, displayed in large bronze showcases. There were wines, mineral waters, superb luxury shoes and others, canned fruit, poultry, meat, stationery and bookbinding products, pharmaceutical products, pasta, admirable specimens of saddlery and travel goods, confectionery, flours, raw and refined sugars, tobaccos, samples of dried meat, known as "tasajo", the flow of which is so extraordinary and which is with the wool and grain trade one of the main sources of wealth of the country. There were also minerals of all kinds, furnishings, bronzes, fabrics of all kinds, clothing, and many other articles, the list of which would be too long.

In an adjoining room, artistically arranged, was a studio where the visitor could learn about the admirable moral, intellectual and economic organisation of Uruguay.

In the last room were exhibited the natural products of the country, presented by the "Camara Mercantil" of Montevideo, and very interesting documents presented by the "Union Industrial Uruguaya", the two most powerful and best organised commercial and industrial associations of the country.

Uruguay's participation was a success.

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