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Education Group - Expo Brussels 1910

Education Group at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1910

On Friday 10 June, the official inauguration of the Belgian Section's Group I, Education, took place in the presence of Ministers Descamps and Hubert.

Mr. Alexandre Braun, president of the group, Mr. Cyrille Van Overbergh, commissioner, and Mr. Léon Beckers, secretary general, received the Ministers, who took their seats with the Exhibition's personalities, Mr. Maurice Lemonnier, the Duke of Luxembourg, and Mr. Jean-Louis Bélanger. Maurice Lemonnier, the Duke of Ursel, Jean Dubois, Henry Carton de Wiart, Governor Beco, Paul André, Firmin Vanden Bosch, Abbé Moeller, Georges Rency, Auguste Rouvez, Daxhelet, Chevalier Marchai, Paul Mussche, the administrators and rectors of the Universities of Ghent and Liège, several professors from Brussels and Louvain, etc.

Mr. Braun gave a long speech in which he eloquently described the compartment, which included education at all three levels: science, literature and art.

Mr. Braun rightly congratulated the organisers of this truly superb group, which did credit to our teachers and scholars.
Baron Descamps paid tribute to M. Braun, under whose presidency this beautiful Exhibition was organised. He thanked all those who had worked with him and praised the teaching staff, pointing out that for the first time a literary Exhibition was presented to the public on the occasion of a World's fair.

The Minister's speech was applauded, and he, guided by Messrs. Braun, Van Overbergh and Beckers, made a tour of the stands.

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