Brussels World and International Exhibition 1910

Works of Art, Scientific Works and Products of Industry and Agriculture of all Nations

April 23, 1910 - November 1, 1910

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Collectivity of Belgian Electricians

Collectivity of Belgian Electricians at the Exhibition Brussels 1910

The Electricians' Collective, adjoining the Belgian and English Sections, was destroyed by fire, but the electricians, doing wonders, were the first to reinstall their Section. It was inaugurated on Monday 12 September, at 9 o'clock in the evening, less than a month after the disappearance of the first one.

It was a considerable effort to bring together, in four weeks, important machines and a whole ensemble constituting a new Exhibition, which, however improvised it was, was nonetheless a sort of synthesis (in a space reduced to one ninth) of the products of the Belgian electrical industry.

Also, however simple the inauguration evening was, it did not go without giving rise to some brief congratulations, most legitimate, on the one hand to the Administration of telegraphs, the Société Générale, and the Belgian industrialists who had agreed to make the factories in the process of completion available to the exhibitors; on the other hand, to the Executive Committee of the Exhibition, to M. Baron Empain and the Belgian Electricians' Society, who had assembled the financial resources necessary for the Organising Committee to accomplish its task.

The president of the Organizing Committee, Mr. Léon Gérard, having thanked everyone, including the workers, anonymous contributors to the success, also named someone else, who was certainly no stranger to the festival and who is part of all festivals and all progress, Electricity, invited everywhere, which is always present and which no human eye has ever seen, and he named her the Good Fairy.

To which Baron Janssen replied, with infinite accuracy, that the President was a "rough sorcerer" for having made the splendid little pavilion that was being inaugurated rise from the ground in less than a month, just on the spot where the ashes of his old office still lay under the floor.

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