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Russian Restaurant - Expo Vienna 1873

Russian Restaurant at the Exhibition Expo Vienna 1873

In the park in front of and around the Exhibition Palace, leaving the imperial pavilion on the left, you will find an elegant building, which attracts the eye with its rustic architecture and its jagged woodwork; it is the Russian Restaurant, Rousskiitraklir.

Here you will be served batwyuia, and Stchi, Riga Kummel and vodki, the Russian gin.

Charming natives, with golden tiaras, red petticoats and embroidered blouses, will offer tea in beautiful Chinese cups to the ladies, and, for the gentlemen, in glasses with gold and silver filigree supports.

The traditional Samovar, with its copper sides, will let out steam from the water it keeps boiling.

The muzhik, with his red blouse, roubachka, his wide trousers, charavar, and his soft boots, will offer you papyros rolled so artistically by Bostandjoglo or Laferme.

And while you smell your boiling tea, it will be up to you to believe yourself transported in the country of the steppes, and to hear in the distance the bell of the douga announcing the travellers transported with the gallop of the three horses of the troika.

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