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State Railway Company - Expo Vienna 1873

State Railway Company at the Exhibition Expo Vienna 1873

The Austrian Railway Company is organising in its pavilion a collective exhibition of its products, consisting of ores, wood and earth coals, metals, cast iron, etc., from the mines and factories belonging to this company and located in Reschitza, Bogsau, Dognacska, Steierdorff, Anina, Oravitzka, Szaska and Moldava in Hungary, very important establishments whose products have won prizes at the three previous exhibitions.

In this same pavilion, one can find Bessemer steel, rails, raw and shaped plates, locomotives, wagon wheels, copper objects, lime, cement, stones; a very complete collection of products from their paraffin factory, sulphurous acid, copper sulphate, etc....

The pavilion containing this exhibition is 3 metres long and 12 metres wide.

The objects are placed under the names of the respective factories that produced them.

On the gable end of the pavilion is the banner of the Empire.

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