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Swedish Hunting Pavilion - Expo Vienna 1873

Swedish Hunting Pavilion at the Exhibition Expo Vienna 1873

The undeniable purpose of a hunting pavilion is to house the hunters and to shelter the hunting utensils.

This is as clear as the sunlight and many readers will wonder why we place this very profound definition of a "hunting pavilion" at the beginning of these lines. Well, if this definition is completely superfluous, let us go into this so-called "hunting pavilion" which is placed next to the Swedish school. Probably we will find some hunting utensils there?
Well, let's see!

The exterior of the pavilion is very nice. The little tower is pretty, the ramp to climb up is very graceful, and excites our interest enough, from the point of view of form. But if we want to go further in and climb the stairs, a sign says: "No entry".

There are only two small rooms, which are accessible to the public. They have been filled with women's work (embroidery, woolen knitting, crochet work, etc.). All this is not a masterpiece, Swedish Octavio! For what purpose embroidered petticoats or children's bonnets are to be found in a hunting pavilion, we cannot possibly understand. Pavilions like those shown in the picture have not yet been introduced in Sweden; there are only three in the whole country.

The Swedish schools have provided such a wealth of material for the Exhibition that some educational institutions have been forced to seek shelter in the hunting pavilion. It must be said, moreover, that this double kingdom of the North is well represented at the Exhibition, which proves well in its honour. The Swedish school house, the hunting pavilion and the war pavilion, the fishermen's house, part of the Rotunda, the Swedish gallery, and the Swedish restaurant represent Sweden and Norway in the richest possible way.
But above all it is the Swedish public education, which will have a great future in this country.

But despite all this, we do not find a single object that reminds us of hunting, which is the name of this pavilion, and on the other hand, there are many handicrafts made by women. Women are honoured, but not in hunting pavilions!

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