Swiss Pavilion - Expo Turin 1911

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The white cross on a red field warns us, in the electricity gallery, that a section is entirely reserved for the Swiss exhibition.

Swiss industry, which is preparing for the National Exhibition in Bern in 1914, could only half accept the invitation to take part in the Turin Exhibition.

Here, however, the great mechanical industry is represented, the colossal industry that gave us the Simplon and Lœtschberg tunnels and that fills the world with its machines. The exhibition is arranged systematically and machines of the same kind are brought together.

The installation of the Swiss exhibition, which has its foundations on the site of the artificial lake of the Park, required extraordinary construction work. A Decauville railway with a 3000 kg bridge crane and a 6000 kg revolving crane for unloading the heavy machines had to be built there on purpose.

This is the main, not the only group of Swiss exhibitors. They are also represented in the gallery of machines in action, in the railway equipment; the companies which have branches in Italy also compete among the various Italian exhibitions. The important groups of electric companies, which supply most of the energy to the Exhibition, are represented in the central thermo-electric station at the Exhibition itself.

The total area occupied by Switzerland in the various Sections is 4000 square metres.

The organisation of the Exhibition has been entrusted by the Central Office for Exhibitions, which has its headquarters in Zurich, to its secretary, Mr. Boos-Jegler, and to the Swiss Consul in Turin, Mr. Georges Lang, Commissioner General.

©Guide Officiel de l'Exposition Internationale de Turin 1911