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Turkey at the Exhibition Expo Turin 1911

As we descend from the Journal and English palaces towards the Bourg and the Château Moyen-âge, the crescent that floats in the sun beckons us, on the right, to the pavilion of Turkey.

In oriental style, it produces a charming effect with its arched, double windows that seem to spy on passers-by, like the beautiful veiled women of the harem, through the foliage of the trees. It was designed by the Ottoman architect Gurekian Leon, who studied art in Rome.

The interior, all lined with silk and oriental ceramics, with its dazzling polychrome ornamentation, makes a splendid frame for the products of the Ottoman Empire.

The Organizing Commission is composed of Ali Riza Bey, Consul of Turkey in Ancona and General Commissioner, and Mr. Albert Peyrot, Consul of Turkey in Turin and Honorary Commissioner of the Exhibition.

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