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Public works - Expo Turin 1911

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The Restaurant of the Cooperative Alliance opens directly into the exhibition of the Ministry of Finance, General Directorate of the Estate.
In the centre of the room stands the kiosk of the Baths of Salsomaggiore, and all around are arranged the plans in relief and the analogous exhibitions of waters and salts of the Royal Springs of Recoaro, of the Thermo-mineral Springs of Santa Cesaria (province of Lecce), and of the Royal Baths of Montecatini, which belong to the State.

Other reliefs, of different scales and sizes, show the routes and works of the canals belonging to the Cavour Canal network. There is the Farini Canal, there is the diversion of the Cavour Canal at Chivasso at a scale of 1:50; there is the hydrometric station of Santhià at a scale of 1:20 and 1:100; there is the jump of the hydrometric station of the Ivrea Canal.

Then, in the hall and in the following corridors, there are various special exhibitions, such as those on mussel and oyster farming in the Mare piccolo of Taranto, on minerals from the island of Elba, and on the State Administration of Lake Trasimeno.

The work of draining the lower Po occupies many rooms, with a special exhibition, made up of papers, diagrams and photographs, of the water magistrate for the provinces of Venice and Mantua. The work of the Hydraulic Association of the Island of Ariano and of the drainage of the Po in the Province of Rovigo, of the Associations of the united drainage of Este and of the drainage of Polese are also noteworthy.

The Ministry of Public Works has sent the studies of the Commission for Inland Navigation in Italy. The network of rivers and canals that will soon be navigable covers 3,935 km, of which only 261 are suitable for boats of less than 100 tons.

The drainage works continue with the Association of the great drainage company of Ferrara, which presents the plans for the new hydrovore plant of Codigoro, and with the Association of the second district of Polesine San-Giorgio.

To finish the series of public works, there is the exhibition of the Province of Novara, and various special technical exhibitions of buoys, lighthouses, lanterns, with the related lighting systems; iron-concrete, Mannesmann tubes and the grandiose exhibition, which occupies a large space, of the large foundry built and operated by the Società Italiana
and operated by the Società Anonyme Italiana Jean Ansaldo Armstrong et Cie.

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