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Road exposure - Expo Turin 1911

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To close the series of exhibitions at the Pilonetto, here is the isolated pavilion containing the Road Exhibition, the Automobile Exhibition and the Aeronautical Exhibition.

All daughters of our era, which has made the means of communication an indispensable instrument of commerce and fraternity of peoples, these three special exhibitions will mark, like a milestone, in the history of transport and the conquest of the air. The exhibition pavilion can be reached directly from the large interior square of the other exhibitions at the Pilonetto or from the agricultural section.

The international road exhibition was initiated by the Italian Touring Club. It includes a whole series of materials, stone, wood, asphalt, used to pave the roads, and also tests of pavements implemented. Then comes the machinery for preparing the materials and for building and maintaining the roads. A final section deals with traffic on the roads, with cartography and some essays on road literature and aesthetics.

The province of Turin, as we have already mentioned, has opened a competition for road machinery in this section. The Italian Touring Club has opened a competition for gravel materials and a competition of honour between the various provinces concerned for the best maintenance of the provincial roads from Turin to Rome, both for the Mediterranean coast and for the inland line through Bologna, Tuscany and Umbria.

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