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Automobiles - Expo Turin 1911

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The exhibition of Automobiles, which in previous years was held in the Valentin and last year occupied the present gallery of machines in action, has been placed here, next to the road exhibition. The proximity is logical, as the two terms are closely linked. The automobile has given rise to the most pressing road problems of today, and certainly, without creating special roads, our main communication routes will all have to be modified, adapting to the requirements of the new means of locomotion.

The automobile, first launched on the market as a luxury item, has rapidly spread to all the main transport services.

Thus we find, next to the elegant limousines and the aristocratic phaetons, the convenient and practical landaulettes, the local fiacres, the ommibus, the trucks for military transport.

The "Italian Automobile Factory of Turin", better known under the name of Fiat, made up of its initials, held a special exhibition on its own behalf, in the Public Works section, between the Province of Turin and the Restaurant of the Cooperative Alliance, near its own workshops. In its pavilion, in addition to new types of luxury bodywork, special mention should be made of the new six-cylinder "Monobloc" engines and the section of machines used to manufacture the various construction parts.

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