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Air routes - Expo Turin 1911

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This poetic title, which nevertheless only expresses the splendid reality of the present, points to the Aeronautical Exhibition. The triumphs and struggles of the conquest of the air are engraved in everyone's mind; this conquest is being accomplished before our very eyes, and every day it reserves a new surprise for us, its contemporaries, and awakens in us a boundless admiration. History will record it later and give it its rightful value.

The exhibition is international. The competitions and circuits for airships and spherical aerostats, which will take place from June to October, are also international. It is known that the competitions for airships embrace three different circuits, each inspired by a special geographical idea. The Grand Royal Cup will be contested on the route from Turin to Rome, with a return trip to Turin; the Exhibition Grand Prix, in the tour of the Po Valley and the Subalpine Grand Prix, in the tour of Piedmont.

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