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Brazil - Expo Turin 1911

Brazil at the Exhibition Expo Turin 1911

The exhibitions of the South American states occupy the last buildings on the right bank of the Po. First comes Brazil; then the collective exhibition of the Latin American Union, which includes the main small republics; the series ends with the pavilion of the Argentine Republic.

The Brazilian palace, which occupies 8,000 square metres, with a frontage of 150 metres, immediately stands out for the elegance of its lines and the richness of its decorations. Large domes crown the buildings, which are connected by terraces and preceded by grandiose staircases. Groups of statues and a real profusion of stucco embellish the facades of the two main pavilions.

The designs were executed in Rio de Janeiro by engineers Moraes Rego and Jayme Figueira, with the collaboration of draughtsman Julio Antonio de Lima.

Brazil's participation in the Exhibition was due to the initiative and special direction of Dr. Rodolfo Nogueira de Miranda, Minister of Agriculture, Industry and Commerce.

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