Luxembourg - Expo 2020 Dubai

Luxembourg at the Exhibition Expo 2020 Dubai
© Dany Eid/Expo 2020 Dubai
Luxembourg Pavilion - Exterior view
Architect(s) : Metaform
Luxembourg at the Exhibition Expo 2020 Dubai
© Dany Eid/Expo 2020 Dubai
Luxembourg Pavilion - Exterior view
Architect(s) : Metaform
Luxembourg at the Exhibition Expo 2020 Dubai
© Dany Eid/Expo 2020 Dubai
Luxembourg Pavilion - Interior view
Architect(s) : Metaform

During the call for projects, which was launched on 17 January 2017 and closed on 7 April 2017 with the announcement of the selected consortium of architects and scenographers, the teams were invited to offer a global vision of Luxembourg under the theme "Resourceful Luxembourg". In the end, the architectural studio METAFORM was selected.

The Luxembourg pavilion has a shape based on the idea of the Möbius strip, an infinite shape, reflecting the circular economy, but also symbolising openness and dynamism.
It is 50 metres wide and 21 metres high. Its gross built area is 2,100 m² (13,900 m3) on a site of 3,500 m².

The country of Luxembourg is presented through the general theme of "Resourceful Luxembourg". The aim is to demonstrate the importance of sustainable resource management and the need to reinvent resources while promoting the country and its potential.
Luxembourg's ingenuity is showcased through 5 segments: diverse, connected, sustainable, enterprising, and beautiful. Each of them reflects different key aspects of the country.
Visitors have the opportunity to discover the Grand Duchy with "all their senses", as each segment of the scenography, developed by JangledNerves, offers a unique perspective of Luxembourg to its visitors.
The entire tour lasts about 20 minutes and the pavilion can accommodate up to 500 people.

Let's dive into the description of each of the 5 segments of the Luxembourg Pavilion at EXPO 2020 DUBAI:


Upon entering the pavilion, visitors have the chance to see the first segment of the pavilion entitled "diverse". During this part of the exhibition, visitors can listen to the personal stories of non-nationals living in Luxembourg, cross-border workers and Luxembourgers about what they like about the country.
Indeed, Luxembourg is one of the most cosmopolitan countries in the world, with a population of 170 nationalities, 48% of which are non-Luxembourgers.
In addition, almost a third of the Luxembourg workforce is international. Approximately 185,000 people from Germany, Belgium and France commute daily to work in Luxembourg's various cities.


Following the corridor, visitors arrive at the second segment of the pavilion, dedicated to the "connecting" aspect of Luxembourg.
The country connects companies, markets and countries by combining years of cross-border expertise and quality infrastructure. Solutions-oriented, Luxembourg provides essential services to investors and companies to achieve ambitious goals in an international environment.
Its leading position in the economic, technology and innovation sectors and its high-level infrastructure create a secure, data-driven digital environment for all types of businesses.


The key aspect of "sustainable" is not only represented by the shape of the pavilion, which represents the circular economy in the form of a Möbius strip.
Every visitor to the pavilion can learn about Luxembourg's leading role in green finance. Numerous educational videos and presentations are available for all interested visitors.


As visitors progress through the visit, they will discover the entrepreneurship section, "enterprising".
During the enterprising section, visitors can enjoy a video on Luxembourg's constant self-invention over the past decades.
Indeed, the Grand Duchy has an enviable track record when it comes to embracing change and the willingness to adapt. Over the years, Luxembourg has successfully reinvented itself from an agricultural economy to the steel industry to become a leading financial, technological, space and innovation centre in the world.


The fifth sector of the Luxembourg Pavilion at EXPO 2020 DUBAI highlights the beauty of the country.
The natural diversity of "beautiful" Luxembourg is reflected in the recreation of Luxembourg's nature. Between plains and forests, dotted with lakes and rivers, Luxembourg's natural landscapes are as enchanting as they are fascinating.
To recreate the feeling of being in Luxembourg, a perfume was developed for this part of the scenography. Thus, the public has the opportunity to smell the lush forests of Luxembourg at EXPO 2020 DUBAI.
The highlight of the show (for young and old!) is certainly the three-storey slide. The slide is a nod to the popular Schueberfouer fair, while at the same time providing an element of entertainment for all visitors.
The slide is a combination of stainless steel and Plexiglas. Stairs are available for visitors who do not wish to use the slide.


At the end of the tour, on the ground floor, visitors should not miss the Luxembourg Pavilion's restaurant "Schengen Lounge" where they can enjoy Luxembourgish fusion cuisine influenced by the flavours of Luxembourg's international community.
The restaurant is run by Michelin-starred chef Kim Kevin de Dood.
In addition to this, the pavilion has a meeting room called "Melusina", named after the founding myth of Luxembourg.
Finally, visitors also have access to a shop where they can buy a souvenir of their visit to the Luxembourg Pavilion at EXPO 2020 DUBAI.