Centennial Exposition Philadelphia 1876

Centenary of American Independence and the Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776

May 10, 1876 - November 10, 1876

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Brazil at the Exhibition Expo Philadelphia 1876

The Brazilian empire is distinguished by the tasteful arrangement of the details connected with the participation of the government of that country in the exhibition.

The Brazilian pavilion is situated on a slight wooded rise or mound of ground which rises near the head of the Lansdowne ravine and to the east of the German building. The situation is one of the most attractive on the ground, and the building is worthy of its position.

The ground plan is octagonal; but the porches and bay windows, the latter extending on all sides of the building except the front, break up the otherwise apparent mathematical exactitude. The style is light and graceful. The pavilion has an airy appearance that appeals to every viewer. The front porch is spacious enough to provide shade and good ventilation for the interior, and the roof makes a very attractive balcony and walkway.

The exterior shows pleasing colour combinations, in which brown, yellow and red are harmoniously contrasted, the ornamentation of the scroll work being very elaborate.

The interior is about 70 feet in diameter. A large hall runs through the building from the door. On either side of the hall are two rooms, one opening to the front and the other to the rear. Stairs lead from the far end of the corridor to the turret above and the balcony.

The turret is divided into four rooms, each containing three windows and communicating with the balcony, thus providing light, access to a beautiful walkway and a view of the park in fine weather. The turret is topped by a finial of classical proportions. The walls of the interior rooms are covered with gold paper veined with flowers and vines.

The furniture is simple but tasteful.

Immediately around the building, the grounds are carefully landscaped and planted with Brazilian plants.

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