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Connecticut - Expo Philadelphia 1876

Connecticut at the Exhibition Expo Philadelphia 1876
Connecticut at the Exhibition Expo Philadelphia 1876

Connecticut is located on the north side of State Avenue, west of Belmont Avenue and east of the Massachusetts Building.

The design of the building erected by the State of Connecticut was made by Donald G. Mitchell, the author of "A Bachelor's Reveries", known by his pen name of "Ik Marvel".

The house represents an old-style dwelling in the land of stable habits, improved and embellished to some extent by the porches and piazzas.

There is a long sloping rear roof that extends almost to the ground. The exterior walls are plastered and shingled, showing the crossbeams in the old style. The chimney is low, wide and domed, adding to the picturesque appearance of the structure. Above the central porch, the arms of the State of Connecticut appear as a coat of arms; the motto below, "Qui transtulit sustinet".

Inside, the house is one story high, as the roof beams make clear. There is an overhanging gallery which relieves the room of an otherwise painful barn effect. The fireplace is old-fashioned, wide and deep, lined with brownstone tiles and glazed earthenware with picturesque antique pictorial motifs. There are two deep mantel shelves, the upper part resting on supports which are supported by the lower or main part.

The dimensions of the building are: front, 30 feet; depth, 40 feet; west wing, 10x12 feet; square, 10x20 feet. The main flat measures 22 x 30 feet; ceiling, 15 feet.

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