Centennial Exposition Philadelphia 1876

Centenary of American Independence and the Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776

May 10, 1876 - November 10, 1876

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Missouri at the Exhibition Expo Philadelphia 1876

Architect(s) : C. K. Ramsey

Missouri at the Exhibition Expo Philadelphia 1876

Architect(s) : C. K. Ramsey

Built in the style of a Gothic villa, the Missouri State House, which stands on the north side of State Avenue, the westernmost of all the state buildings on this side of the grounds, closes in fine proportion the line of state buildings in the district.

Iowa adjoins to the east and George's Hill Restaurant is immediately to the south.

The façade features a main gable, which rises high near the west side of the house, and is elaborately decorated with finials and sawn wood scrolls.

A large arched window opens into this part of the building.

To the east of the gable, a dormer window rises from the roof. At the eastern corner is a square tower, with a window in the second floor, which extends above the main building and ends in a mansard roof. A gable on the east side rises at the north end of the house. There are two dormers on this side between the gable and the tower.

On the west side there are four dormers.

The second floor is formed entirely by the roof and the sloping gables, lit by the dormers. There is a square on the east, south and west sides, supporting a veranda, which is pleasant for walking and observation.

On the first floor, the main door opens into a large living room which occupies almost the entire length and width of the building. Nine floor-to-ceiling windows open onto the piazzas, providing ample ventilation and light. This is the main reception room for gentlemen. The side walls are panelled with hardwood, fluted and varnished. The walls above are carefully coloured and decorated. The floor is matted; the furniture is comfortable and easy; and on the whole there is an air of hospitality in the flat which assures the visitor that he is welcome. Some specimens of Missouri produce are arranged around this room.

The ladies' room is on the second floor, which is approached by an easy staircase in the front tower. The flat is pleasant and comfortable in every respect. There is a gentlemen's room, which serves as an office. There are four bedrooms on the second floor.

The exterior is painted in light colours.

Dimensions, 48 x 56 feet. The material is mainly Missouri wood prepared in that state.

Design architect, C. K. Ramsey. Superintending architect, L. C. Miller; both of St. Louis, Missouri.

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