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New York - Expo Philadelphia 1876

New York at the Exhibition Expo Philadelphia 1876
New York at the Exhibition Expo Philadelphia 1876

This building is located on the south side of State Avenue, north of St. George's House (British Pavilion). This building has a very conspicuous structure, which cannot be considered to represent an early building style.

The house seems to be modelled on the plan of the ordinary luxury villas that dot the banks of the Hudson River from New York to Albany, or court the sea breezes on Staten Island or Long Island.

It is cheerful, but does not illustrate any particularity of the state.

The dimensions are 80 feet long by 35 feet wide. The piazzas are 15 feet wide.

The tower at the front is wide and convenient and offers a good view of the fairgrounds.

The fancy ornamentation is abundant, and the painting and finishing in the most elaborate American villa style.

Here are displayed the wonders that result from the modern adaptation of machinery to the production of irregular forms, in the wooden mouldings and scrolls, the decorations and patterns, which have all the beauty of sculpture without requiring the labour and patience once necessary to obtain them.

This style of house illustrates the tendency of the American spirit in architecture, which is too often governed by the desire to obtain all the advantages of a beautiful appearance without solidity of construction.

Harsh critics denounce the application of pretense to the necessities of art or convenience. They must have everything solid and real, or they are dissatisfied. But the forms of beauty can be appreciated even if they are empty shells.

A statue that is pleasing to the eye and designed with great taste and skill is no less beautiful because it is hollow.

The interior of the building is beautifully appointed with parlours and reception rooms, as well as offices and lodgings for the officers of the State of New York and the citizens of that great Commonwealth.

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