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Cook International Agency -

Cook International Agency at the Exhibition Expo Philadelphia 1876

This building is located on the west side of Belmont Avenue, north of the east end of the engine house.

The pavilion is in the Renaissance style, beautifully ornamented and attractive in appearance.

The floor plan is in the figure of a Greek cross. Inside is a central hall 60 feet in diameter, offices, waiting rooms and other flats for the accommodation of visitors.

This "agency" is owned by Messrs. Cook, Son & Jenkins, the American branch of the house of Thomas Cook & Son, London, known throughout the world as a manager of excursions, tours and travels in all parts of the globe. Through their extensive agencies and arrangements, they assure the traveller of the best accommodation on his journey, good hotels wherever he stops and every comfort and convenience. The tickets for the cooking tourists carry the holders to all parts of the civilized world.

The whole enterprise is under the control and responsibility of Mr. Thomas Cook, the principal member of the company, who for nearly a lifetime has devoted himself to teaching people all over the world how to travel cheaply, pleasantly and comfortably.

These tourist tickets also have the added advantage of not being time-limited; they allow the tourist to stop en route at will, while any unused tickets are redeemed.

Hotel vouchers are also issued, available for accommodation in at least one first-class hotel in all major cities of the world, at fixed and uniform prices, and this price is lower than the regular hotel price. The firm holding this concession has had a similar connection with all the great exhibitions of the world, beginning in London in 1851 and ending in Vienna in 1873.

©Centennial portfolio: a souvenir of the international exhibition at Philadelphia - 1876