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Russian - Expo Paris 1889

Russian at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1889

But if Russian art has its roots in Byzantine art, it does not copy it slavishly, but rather modifies it according to the inspirations of the national genius.

Hard stone is rare in Russia and difficult to transport. The construction therefore borrows its main elements from wood.

The ground floor has a rustic appearance; on the first floor, the bays cover the entire perimeter, separated by moulded posts, and ending in flared ogives surmounted by a richly ornamented frieze.

The roof is particularly noteworthy with its ogives, whose profile recalls the bulbous domes of religious architecture and which frame a small square window; it has a high chimney made of glazed bricks.

The first floor is reached by an external wooden staircase which leads to an elegant corner pavilion.

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