World Fair of Paris 1889

Centenary of the French Revolution

May 6, 1889 - October 31, 1889

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Scandinavian at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1889

The Scandinavian monuments, of which we must say a few words before ending this chapter, reveal a close kinship with Ogival art and especially with Byzantine art.

But there was no need, at the Exhibition, to give a reduced image of the great Scandinavian buildings, since they wanted to show us specimens of private housing.

M. Garnier remembered that the Swedes and the Norwegians excel in a type of architecture which they have been able to mark with a very personal stamp: wooden architecture.

From the point of view of construction as well as decoration, wood has indeed become a marvellously fertile element in the hands of the men of the North, as can be seen at the Champ de Mars.

The base is made of stone, the rest of the building is made of fir, and inside the building, boards replace the partition walls. A side staircase leads to the first floor, from which the visitor will see with interest the mouldings of the ends and rafters, as well as the decorations of the ridge.

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