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Figaro Pavilion - Expo Paris 1889

Figaro Pavilion at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1889

On the second platform of the Eiffel Tower, at a height of 115.73 metres, the Figaro has organised a daily newspaper from scratch. A kiosk, located on the façade facing the Place de la Concorde, built of northern fir and pitchpin, houses this diminutive of the Figaro.

Marinoni has mounted one of his presses there, powered by a gas engine; twelve composers compose the copy, written by a small group of elite editors; three cliché workers go up to the Tower every day to make the newspaper's plate. Add a proof-reader, a layout artist, and office boys who complete the team.

The pavilion is divided into two parts with glass walls.
All around, the visitor can move around freely.

It is therefore a real exhibition that the Figaro has made; it has exposed a newspaper in full activity.

The interest of this innovation is to popularise the intimate details of an industry whose products everyone knows, but in whose making almost no one has been able to witness.

Anyone passing through the gallery can ask for a copy of the day's issue, on which the following lines are printed:
This issue was given to M..., as a souvenir of his visit to the Figaro pavilion, on the second platform of the Eiffel Tower, 115 metres 73 centimetres above the ground.

Eiffel Tower, this 1889.
The agent writes the visitor's name and stamp.

This number is, at the same time, a souvenir and a certificate of the ascent to the Tower. Everyone will be happy to keep it.

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