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2nd Floor - Expo Paris 1889

2nd Floor at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1889

The second platform is 115 metres 73 above the ground and measures 30 metres on each side. Up to this point, the four uprights remain well isolated from each other; from the ceiling of this gallery, they connect and merge to form, up to the ridge, a large, very light square cage, made of iron beams on which the wind tears.
The surface of this second platform is 1,400 m. The central part is devoted, almost entirely, to the passage station between the lower inclined lifts and the upper vertical lifts. During the forced stop occasioned by this change of cars
During the forced stop occasioned by this change of cars, there is not a single visitor who will not come to admire the curious installation of the Figaro, with its special printing press, its editorial office, its composition, etc., etc.
All around, the promenade, 150 metres long and 2.60 metres wide.
The view is already splendid, and Paris, in its immense enclosure, seems less animated, with its innumerable monuments, its avenues, its bell towers and its domes. The winding Seine surrounds all this as if in a long silver ribbon; the little black dots are... the crowd. The heights flatten out: the Trocadero falls to the level of the Seine, Mount Valérien, whose silhouette seems so high, lets itself be dominated: the eyes pass over its crest to go and look for other crests, further, much further away. Montmartre is all white, like an African promontory, and, behind a curtain of greenery, Versailles erects the long string of its palaces.

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