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3rd Floor - Expo Paris 1889

3rd Floor at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1889

There is only one means of transport to the third platform, and that is the lift: even so, it requires a change of cabin halfway up the "intermediate floor".
The third platform is 276 metres 13 centimetres high. Its large hall, 16.5 metres on each side, can hold 800 people; it is closed all around by mobile mirrors that allow the spectators to observe the magnificent panorama before their eyes, sheltered from the wind and bad weather.
Glasses and telescopes are installed with a map indicating the places on which the instruments are pointed.
The view is very curious. At such a height all movement disappears and Paris seems like a cardboard set with its straight streets, square roofs and aligned facades. This great city, the city of feverish agitation, of intense and restless life, seems stricken with death. No sound reveals the activity of the people below.

One hovers over a desert of inert and silent stones. This impression is very grandiose. As for the size of the sky, it is infinite.

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