World Fair of Paris 1889

Centenary of the French Revolution

May 6, 1889 - October 31, 1889

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Africa at the Exhibition Paris 1889

The hut of the black African, considered in its essential elements, looks very much like a beehive. It is cylindrical with a conical roof, covered with thatch, rushes, bamboo or palm leaves.

The frame consists of piles (one or two rows), the gaps between which are filled with earth or beaten clay. The door is low and slightly raised above the ground to prevent reptiles from entering.

There are no windows or fireplaces, although fires are constantly built. For furniture, bowls, sacks, baskets, water bottles.

For sleeping, bare earth, skins, mats, branches and, more rarely, beds of planks, straps, stools to rest the head on.

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