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Redskins - Expo Paris 1889

Redskins at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1889

The dwelling of the Redskins is only a sort of conical tent, the construction of which M. Girard de Rialle describes thus: A certain number of long poles are placed in a circle and joined at the top, then the whole is covered with skins, without forgetting, however, to leave the top of the framework free to give passage to the smoke.

This dwelling is very well suited to the habits of breeds which are constantly wandering in search of game and obliged to move with it.

The furniture is naturally very basic: a few baskets, a few pots for cooking, furs for sleeping, and that is all.

Relations with the Europeans have introduced a few new utensils, such as cast-iron pots and frying pans, but these have no distinctive character.

The Redskins are plunderers and warlike; they make war for war's sake, and are never so happy as when they adorn their huts or adorn themselves with scalps, that is to say, with the bloody hair they have torn from the skull of the defeated enemy.

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